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Our Pledge To Deliver Quality Eyewear

At B1 New Vision we pledge to deliver our impressive collection of eyeglasses —lenses and frames-- at an unbelievable price rate meant specifically to fit your budget.

Since 2008, B1 New Vision has been the source for quality vision care in Australia. Our qualified opticians are graduates of Cours Galien at the Academy of Montpellier, France.  They possess thorough and in-depth knowledge of their field of expertise.  They engage in edging, fitting, and ensuring visual acuity for all of our customers.

We pride ourselves in being able to serve our patients and clients using the latest state-of-the-advance technology in vision care.B1 New vision supports the Australian optical industry by offering frames and lenses from Australian suppliers.We specialize in optics and endeavor to provide the quality service at its best.  We strive to help customers find comfortable eyewear, satisfying all their needs.


  • Within 15 km of Melbourne, the visit costs $40, which is deductible from any purchase $399 or greater.

  • Within 25 km of Melbourne, the visit costs $50, $10 of which is deductible from any purchase $499 or greater.

  • More than 25 km from Melbourne, the visit costs $50 + ($1/km beyond 45 km). None of this is deductible from any purchase.

Trading hours

Mon - Fri: 09:30 AM - 09:30 PM

Sat: 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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