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Excellence is in the details.

- If you want to set yourself apart from the competition, you need to get the little details right.


- Precision in detail-oriented work is not possible without correct magnification and well-designed high-quality optics.

- Our high-quality loupes magnifiers will provide you with the clarity and precision needed to help you deliver your best work.


- We offer premium optical performance for the first time and experienced users.

"Our entire life depends on our senses. Seeing is the most comprehensive and magnificent one. There is no doubt that all inventions which are increasing its power are generally among the most useful ones."


- René Descartes, 1596 - 1650 French Philosopher, Mathematician and Scientist (local opticians).

Why you need Loupes

High-quality loupe magnifiers ensure that you can be as efficient, detailed and accurate as possible while working on detail-oriented jobs.
Loupes magnifying glasses are used across many professions to improve precision and quality of service.
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I am an experienced Optician in Australia offering a wide range of professional services and loupe magnifying glasses to suit all your needs and requirements.


| The Advantages of our Premium loupes magnifying glasses

  • Light weight of only 32g

  • Sportive, aesthetic design

  • Wearing comfort and greater field of view all day long

  • Continuous putting on and depositing off of the glasses is no longer necessary thus reducing risk of cross infection

  • The correction adapter triarchies the loupe to your personal visual acuity.

  • Your acuity profile can be adapted at any time by simply changing the glasses, if your acuity changes

  • Each temple is adjustable in three stages on each side to adapt the working angle individually to posture and physiognomy

  • Individual pupillary distance (PD) between 56 and 76 mm as well as variable working distance by means of six selectable Vario clips 25 – 30 – 35 – 40 – 45 – 50 cm enable individually optimized vision

  • Focus on central field of view by maximum reduction of stray light

  • 3-lens system with two glass lenses and one aspheric lens according to state-of-the-art calculations for maximum depth of field

  • Facilitates looking over the oculars conveniently to patient and colleagues

  • No annoying limitations of vision (smart window)

  • Pleasant change of vision from distance to near = the eye relaxes

  • Light weight of only 7g for permanent, pleasant wearing comfort

  • 45,000 lx; max. 3 hours permanent light

  • 30,000 lx; max. 6 hours permanent light

  • 20,000 lx; max. 9 hours permanent light

  • Small weight of 85g

  • Battery life of up to nine hours

  • Charging time of only three hours

  • Use “One-Touch” to change and indicate the light intensity in three stages (yellow)

Our Games

| Some professions that extensively use loupe magnifying glasses


Using a high-quality loupe is the difference between a substandard product and a premium product when assembling the watch mechanism.


When you are assembling the watch dial or installing precious stones onto the watch face making sure you have a loupe with good vision and high clarity is of paramount importance.


Tattoo artist

The loupe gives the tattoo artist a complete and detailed inspection of their tattoo needles so you can work with confidence.


Every tattoo artist must have a loupe magnifier to check their tattoo needles before any tattoo, doing this will help you choose the right needle for your work.


Using the correct needles will ensure the safety of your clients as well as the quality of your work.


Loupes are also used in my other professions that require you to work on small structures with a high degree of precision.


We repair almost any damaged loupes, Dental loupes, Jewelry loupes and prescription loupes. Do your loupes have a broken hinge or has your frame snapped?



Loupes meaning

… because it is so light, has great depth of field and is easy to clean.” Loupes meaning, Loupes Australia

Prof. Dr. med. dent.
Kai-Hendrik Bormann

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