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Now that your child needs glases, how can you help care for them?

Most consumers know little about eyewear beyond styles and are unsure about lens costs. B1 New Vision can help! We'll explain what to expect from glasses, what to look for in frames, lens materials, and designs. We'll discuss the differences in our lenses, empowering you to make informed decisions beyond just price.

We have to explain 3 important elements: safety, clarity and comfort.

Safety: This means protection from impact, scratches and ultraviolet radiation. Lens finishing requires that the lens be help firmly in a child's frame.

Clarity: Lens design and anti-reflect coatings also contribute to clear edge – to – edge vision.

Comfort: This comes from a combination of the frame and the lens. The bridge of the frame must watch the shape of the child's nose bridge. We suggest silicone nose pads to prevent digging into the skin. Lens comfort depends on weight (index and lens size) and thickness


For children in sports, glasses protect vision and enhance performance. They also help with focus and learning at school.

Children should handle glasses carefully. Scratches or dirt can obstruct vision. Poor vision doesn't mean glasses are faulty. Storing glasses improperly can misalign frames and cause discomfort. If your child has mishandled their glasses, don't worry! B1 New Vision offers a 2-year warranty.

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The Benefits of Children’s Vision Screening Program

Ensuring optimal eye health is crucial for children’s development and academic success. A Children’s Vision Screening plays a pivotal role in identifying vision issues early, which can otherwise hinder learning and social interactions. By detecting problems like amblyopia, strabismus, or refractive errors, this program enables timely interventions, such as corrective lenses or therapy, improving children's visual acuity and quality of life. Moreover, it fosters a proactive approach to eye care, promoting awareness among parents, educators, and healthcare providers. Ultimately, investing in children’s vision screenings not only enhances their well-being but also empowers them to thrive in all aspects of life.


Allow your child to grow up healthily, and safeguard their eyes.

Prolonged screen time and academic pressures are affecting children's eye health. Protecting their eyes is crucial for healthy development. Recent data shows that over half of adolescents are myopic. Extended use of mobile devices and increased eye strain significantly impact children's vision.

TOKAI’s Myogen lenses are designed to protect children from developing myopia. They offer the perfect solution for parents to ensure their child’s eye health and optimal development.


Specially constructed Myogen lenses alter light transmission to support healthy eye development. Normal lenses focus light at the back of the eye, leading to elongation of the eye axis. Myogen lenses, with a specially treated surface, redirect light forward to reduce this elongation.

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