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Elegant Leather Cases


With a 16-degree angle adjustment capability, Optizoom adapts effortlessly to various angles of declination, ensuring optimal comfort and clarity for every user. Sport design for everyday wear. The ergonomic loupe allow you to work without arching your back nor bending your neck in a bad unhealthy position. Your eyes will also be looking straight in a neutral position rather than downwards, which reduces the strain on eye muscles.

Optizoom 8177 Ergonomic

    • Perfect Posture and Ergonomics
    • Strong rigid frames and Loupes design
    • Crystal Clear edge to edge vision
    • Modern frame styles
    • Lightweight frames
    • Magnification: 2.5X, 3X, 3.5X, 4X, 5X, 6X
    • View: full arch, one quadrant
    • Field of view: 50 cm, 30 cm
    • Adjustable angle of declination
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